humanities degree

Reasons why humanities degree is important

Most people have dismissed humanities and considered it irrelevant in the job market. This is a wrong perception as humanities can still be useful in technology-driven technologies. The following are reasons why humanities is a great idea.

Good communication


Organizations today are looking for employees who will communicate in a manner that will further the organization’s interests. Communication with business partners and customers is essential for success in the global businesses that operate in unambiguous cross-cultural and multicultural societies. Reading fiction increases one’s ability to empathize with others. Humanities that involve world literature or English majors make you better at relating to people not like you. This implies you are valuable when your company moves to foreign countries.

Humanities major is taught for innovation

Innovation results from putting together ideas with no business being together. To innovate you need to see how things may go together in a way that no one has thought of. Majors in humanities are equipped singularly to do this. Its basis is exposure to the breadth of human knowledge. Ranging from philosophy to literature and art to mathematics, social and hard sciences, humanities expose students to various ideas from a wide range of fields. Students are in apposition to take ideas from different fields and make them work as a unit.

Seeing the big picture

Most people see only what is in front of them. Accounts for reconciliation, widgets for selling and reports to write. Leaders however usually see the big picture. They can see where the organization is heading to and what it takes to get there. This is an important quality which will separate leaders from the rest. They will ask and answer the big questions. Studying humanities will train you to ask and try to answer the big question concerning politics, art, life, and society.


analysisThe analysis is usually central as a far as humanities studying is concerned. Whether learning philosopher’s ethical systems or economics, humanities majors imbibe a vast amount of information, it makes sense and critiques what they have learned. People studying humanities understand arguments, discern weakness and strengths as well as formulate the responses. They get to practice looking at data and then using it in crafting an argument. Finding meaning in the data then convincing other people that your interpretation is right can be achieved by those who do humanities. It inculcates a penchant and open mind for asking questions. These are valuable against conformist thinking and also aid you in critical thinking.

You get to figure out how you can put pieces together. Such experiences are analogous to what is going on at the top of an organization, where arguments about various pieces of a given organization work together. If you are versed in debating about in the best way to organize the society politically, then you have no problem joining conversations about company organizations.

If you hold a humanities degree, then you should be confident in the worth of your skills and degree. Convince your employers that you have skills that they need for accomplishing their goals.…

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